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Normandy Experience

The agency is the privileged interlocutor of international operators who wish to program Normandy.

We love what we do

After 7 years in the incoming tourism, creating NORMANDY EXPERIENCE appeared as the obvious next step. “I have always had a deep love for my native region, showcasing it is not only a passion, but an incredible pride!” “Through my experiences, I realized that many international operators were looking for a trustworthy partner, implemented locally, who knows the hidden gems that will make the difference in a highly competitive industry. A collaborator dealing with local contractors and who guarantees the quality of the services provided.” In the midst of the digitalization era, the agency’s leitmotiv is to put back the humane at the heart of the tourism experience. “This is what our customers long for, and we are truly persuaded this is the way forward.” To make it happen, the recipe is quite simple: a small team, a drastic selection of our partners, immersion, authenticity and sharing. “We endeavor to place the end customer at the heart of their experience so they can participate and be the actor of the moment.”



Normandy Experience is a local agency, owned by a local! Specializing in Normandy, we help you to make the most of your destination thanks to our expertise as well as the unique connections we have nurtured with our network of partners.


Human relationships are part of NORMANDY EXPERIENCE’s DNA. They hold a fundamental role in the interactions with our partners and in the immersive or experiential services we offer our customers.


By our actions, we wish to respect the local social environment, participating in its economic development by favoring local distribution channels and employment. Actions are currently in progress in order to directly support our local heritage and monuments.


We strongly believe and put our trust in local partnerships. We pay a particular attention to the respect, the quality of work and the expertise of each of our contractors


Normandy Experience is an incoming agency specialized in leisure tourism in Normandy. As a B2B interlocutor for international operators, we offer human and authentic programs and experiences.

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